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Features of Each Powder Pigment

According to the different metal pigment powder coatings, metal coatings varieties are: aluminum pigment, pearlescent pigment, bronze powder pigment etc.. Metal pigment products with a variety of colors, greatly enriched a variety of decorative coatings. Aluminum silver aluminum floating, easy to float to the surface, only stearic acid surface treatment, not weathering. Made of high quality aluminum powder mirror silver, the surface should be transparent powder cover lamp. Coated aluminum pigments are used to simulate the effects of chromium and mirror silver and are non corrosive. Because of this pigment even under the protection of transparent coatings will be oxidized, can not be used for exterior paint.

The thickness of the aluminum particles presents different characteristics, which can be divided into several grades from 5um to 75um, with different brightness, flicker, trigger and hiding power.
Aluminum powder has the advantages of strong metal texture, easy access to raw materials and so on. The disadvantage is a single hue, chemical resistance is not good.
Pearlescent pigments are inorganic pigments, which is composed of mica, the outer layer is a high refractive index of metal oxides, such as titanium dioxide, iron oxide. High refractive index of the surrounding metal oxide, mica sheet with low refractive index and low refractive index parallel to produce a visual color of the rainbow.
Different metal oxides and different thicknesses produce different colors. By controlling the thickness of TiO2 coating on mica sheet. Mica can be colored with metal oxides, such as chromium oxide or iron oxide. The charming color of gold and Brown is the result of a mixture of titanium dioxide and iron oxide.
The advantages of pearl powder is better than the metal powder, chemical resistance, and its disadvantage is that the metal texture is not strong, compared with aluminum, the gap is too large.
Bronze pigment bronze powder (also known as gold powder) is a copper zinc alloy as raw materials, through special processing and surface chemical treatment and sheet structure of floating metal pigment prepared, showing gold luster, performance and pigment.