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New to Pearl Pigment ?

Pearl pigment has physical cross-sectional structure similar to that of pearls; the kernel is mica low optical refractive index, wrapped in the outer layer of the metal oxide is high refractive index, such as titanium oxide or iron oxide etc.. The application in the ideal condition, pearlescent pigments can be uniformly dispersed in the coating material, and parallel to the surface to form multilayer distribution, with pearl as the incident light will be reflected through multiple reflection interference, Pearl effect. With the development of the production of pearlescent pigments, pearlescent pigments are used more and more well known. Can be used in automobile, motorcycle, bicycle paint, powder coatings, architectural coatings, pearlescent inks, pearlescent plastic products, cosmetics, can also be used in papermaking, printing and dyeing, printing, rubber, ceramics and other industries.

Quality principle
 The traditional optical absorption of organic pigments and inorganic pigments metal type optical reflection type compared to the quality principle of pearl pigment is completely different, so the effect is unique. Pearlescent pigment is the main representative of three feet above the full optical interference pigments.
Pearlescent pigments with particles of different sizes, the effect is different in use. In general, the larger particles, flashing effect is stronger, and the background of the hiding power of the weak; and the smaller the particle is, the stronger the color covers, more soft luster.
Changing the thickness of the metal oxide, or the type of metal oxide, will bring color change
It is a new type of natural pigment of mica pearlescent pigment covered thin metal oxide and pearl luster, it can reproduce the natural pearls, shells, coral and metal with bright colors and color. The microscopic is transparent, the flat shape does not have, relies on the light refraction, the reflection, the transmission displays the color and the bright.
Pearlescent pigment is non-toxic, high temperature resistance, light resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no combustion, no fuel, no electricity, no migration, can satisfy the coating, plastic, ink, leather, printing and dyeing, rubber, paper, cosmetics and other industries of different needs, so that these products look more bright and beautiful, beautiful light shine.
Pearlescent pigment mixed with more transparent material, can produce more beautiful pearl luster, can also be mixed with pigment or dye transparent, in order to get the appropriate color, but should be avoided, and the opaque elements or cover pigment mixed cover strong such as titanium dioxide, iron oxide pigment, so as not to affect the pearlescent effect. Mixing principle of color series pearlescent pigment color can produce a variety of Pearl luster.
Pearlescent pigments for non-metallic functional environmental protection paint, with 100% dry powder supply, easy to disperse. According to the size and there are many different products at the same time, the particle size can affect the size of pearl luster, pearl luster size is flashing, covering power is weak, the small size is silk luster, and has good covering power