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Ways to get good quality Pearl Pigment

In order to ensure everyone can buy the high quality pearl pigment, please pay attention to following five points:

1. Appearance: light and bright luster, you still can see the good brightness even if you use the middle finger to take a little bit pearlescent pigment then coated on the palm ; those poor quality pearlescent pigment will mix with a small amount of mica powder and has the appearance of a layer of white, and the luster is poor.
2. Color: If sliver white series products mix with mica powder it would be more difficult to identify, because sliver white series products and mica powder are white, so we need to observe them carefully. Take some of them coating in the palm, make the comparison, we can see the pearlescent pigment products which was added of mica illegally, its appearance is white, the overall brightness and gloss decreased. The white powder without doping phenomenon have a strong sense of normal product luster. The doping of mica powder and gold iron pearl pigment products, compared to the normal appearance of the product with the same type of color, the color is dark, decreased brightness, gloss is not strong, the color is not pure.
3. Use 1 small beaker (white transparent plastic cup can also be), adding a small amount of pearl pigment powder in a small beaker, add clean tap water stirring observation, such as white suspended fine particles are separated from the beaker, that is doped with fine mica powder. Can also take the same type of the same weight without doping mica pearlescent pigments dissolved in another beaker was observed, in order to distinguish.
The doping of mica powder and pearl pigment powder precipitated after a period of time (about 10-30 minutes), the above suspension will have some white haze, which is due to the small particle size and suspended mica powder, much depends on the doping amount of muddy fine mica powder. The beaker which have the pearlescent pigment without mica powder , after about 10-30 minutes, we can see the pearl pigment precipitate in the beaker。
4. Cutting plate identification method: take 2 beaker or cups, weigh the same types of the same weight of pearl pigment powder in the cup, with the same weight of glue (or varnish), stirring after the poured into the cutting board (or clean white), the use of cutting plate (the conditions are not allowed with a glass rod) will have been cut into the card (board) on the way down from the pearly slurry cut into two films, baking (drying) can be compared with dry, mica pearlescent pigment luster is very poor, color dim, the method is relatively complicated, professional and strong, but a high degree of accuracy.

5. Microscopic method: the conditions permit can be observed by microscopy. The detection of pearlescent pigment coated on glass slides, if found in the microscope are dispersed in large micro fine adsorption side, and fine particles are transparent, not shiny, it is not the fine grain size of mica powder coated, the number of what determines how much the amount of doping.