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Paint industry application

Colour No. : YT9****WR

Colour : Gold Red Violet Blue Green White Brown

Particle description : <15μm,5-25μm,10-30μm,10-60μm,20-80μm,10-100μm

The first purpose of car coatings is to protect the vehicle from all damages it might encounter and reduce the need for coating maintenance. The second purpose of car coatings naturally is the looks: the car paints defines the appearance of the car and can even be used for creating custom looks. 

Yortay weather-resistance grade automobile Pigment provide vehicles with not only an elegant appearance but also advocate advanced technology and precision,furthermore, enhance resistance to corrosion or scratching for instance. Yortay offers a diverse product portfolio of effect pigments for all areas of the automobile industry. We can cater for the highest demands, irrespective of the system our customer works with.

Yortay offers a complete line of car paints and coatings for customers, from effect and thermo coatings to special-purpose paints. Our product range covers a wide range of application fields: decorative paints for DIY and leisure activities, weather-resistant paints, and heat-resistant coatings for extreme fields of application such as vehicle engines,ect. Thereinto, we do well in  weather-resistance grade automobile Pigment .

Innovative and more sustainable solutions help paints and coatings manufacturers to advance their formulations. Yortay provide pearl Pigments of comprehensive selections for highly demanding paints and coatings formulations for automobile Coating , automotive and commercial vehicle coatings or industrial coatings.

Automobile Pearl Pigment Application Proportion For Reference:

1.Pearl pigment for Paint Application

Car Paint 
Bicycle Paints
Daily Electric Appliances Paints
Interior And Exterior Wall Paints
Toy Paints
Coating Powders <2

Yortay weather-resistance grade automobile Pigment series 

Packing & Delivery : We can meet any of your customized requirements, such as special package, your own logo, natural ingredients, new mica color match, MSDS & TDS are available etc.

About us:

Yortay Fine Chemicail Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and distributor of Pearl Pigments. Our products are in a wide range, and widely used in different fields, with superior quality and competitive price. Effect pigments include conventional effect pigment and special effect pigment. Conventional grade include Silver, Interference, Mica iron and Gold, Re-colored series,etc. Special effects series include Crystal, Diamond, Chameleon, Titanium Crystal, Double color series, ect. Our objects are to make your products more attractive to people’s eyes. 

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