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Colour No. : YT93009M

Colour : Grape Red

Particle description : 10-60μm

YT93009M Grape Red

Yortay Magnetic pearl pigment,powder itself after treatment, will itself produce magnetic objects with magnetic conduction through the magnetic stand according to the distribution of magnetic field lines form a strong 3D visual effects. 

Product parameters of pearl pigment

Type :
Colour :
Grape Red
Fine powder
Particle size:
10-60 µm
Loss on drying:
< 0.5 %
2.8 - 3.4 g/cm³
Bulk Density:
25 -45 g/100ml
Solubility in water:
practically insoluble
PH of water slurry:
Temperature resistance:
Oil Absorbtion:
60-80 gr. / 100 gr.

Product Application of pearl pigment

Plastics Industry: Pearlescent pigment can use in artificial leather, wallpaper, plastic packaging films, cosmetics, shampoo packaging, household appliances plastic parts
Coatings Industry:  Automotive coatings, leather coatings, stamping process
Ink Industry:  Screen printing, gravure, pearl ink
Cosmetics industry: Nail Art

Using Tips for pearl pigment

Step 1: Mixing the 3D Magnetic pigment powder with UV gel or Varnish, several colors for your selection.
Step 2: Coating them on the products evenly with brush.
Step 3: Use magnetic slice closer to the applied products as close as you can for about 5 to 15 seconds.
Step 4: Repeat Step 3 after you apply magnetic powder on products;
Step 5: The smaller distance and longer time, the better magic effects;

Packing & Delivery

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