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Colour No. : YT1005

Colour : Bright Silver

Particle description : 10-60μm

 The titanium dioxide coating includes two types, rutile and anatase. 

The rutile type is far superior to anatase type in terms of weathering resistance.  YORTAY pearl pigment can be mixed with all synthetic resins. It has an excellent stability and adaptability in polar, non-polar solvents and resins, showing an outstanding soft, smooth or twinkling pearlescent effect.

Type : YT1005
Colour :
Bright Silver
Fine powder
Particle size:
10-60 µm
Loss on drying:
< 0.5 %
2.8 - 3.4 g/cm³
Bulk Density:
15 - 30 g/100ml
Solubility in water:
practically insoluble
PH of water slurry:
Temperature resistance:
≤ 800 °C
Oil Absorbtion:
70-90 gr. / 100 gr.

Silver White Pearl Pigment Powder Features

1.Natural Mica Powder

2.Pearlescent Effect Pigment

3.Application:Paint and coating,Offset printing ink,Plastic ,Paper,Ceramic,Auto varnish paint, Cosmetics.

4.Best weather resistant: Resist 800°C

Silver-white Series

Silver White pearl pigments have excellent silver luster effect with the applicability and stability, which can bring you the best pearlescent effect.Two available types of silver white effects are anatase and rutile are optional, the rutile has better weather resistance.Depending on the particle size, effects ranging from silky smooth to glitter are possible.

Sliver White pearl pigment APPLICATION

cosmetics field

It can be applied in lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, eye shadow, nail polish, compact powder, loose powder, shampoo, bath gel, and etc.

Pearl Luster Pigments used in plastic 
The pearl pigment can be used in the transparent and semitransparent plastic resin, using The pearlescent pigment will bring a kind of pleasant color and luster vision result. The resin with a better transparency can fully represent the peculiar gloss and color result of the pearl pigment As for the resin not very transparent., because of their processing characteristics ,
they can also represent the gloss and color result of the pigment. The pearlescent pigment is extensively applied to plastic products, such as cosmetics container, all kinds of packages, toys, ornament materials, various kinds of membrane,etc.. 

Pearl Luster Pigments used in Coating

The pearl pigment has good dispersiveness and good physics, chemical characteristic, So it is applied to coating industry extensively. No matter which kind of monochromatic coating mixing with the pearlescent pigment can become the coating with pearl light for automobile, locomotive, daily articles, building materials,etc.. Its pearl light and result of metallic luster leave a deep impressions on people. The pearl pigment is in the slice structure, therefore it is simple and rapidly to get wet, considering the surface of the polarity of the system and chemical nature of the medium or the solvent. The pearlescent pigment is a king of chip, so it can be easily damaged while being dispersed. usually The pearl pigment can be dispersed by mixing briefly. If dispersed in a machiner, it will take only a short time. It is suggested that the pigment be dispersed in advance to make the thick liquid before mixing with the paint materials.

Pearl Luster Pigments used in printing 
The pearl pigment can not only produce the result of pearl light but also keep the original tone in the printing-ink. And it can bring out many kinds of metallic luster results and iridescence gloss results . The pearlescent pigment has already been extensively used for printing the articles such as various kinds of wrapping paper, magazine, poster, fabrics,etc. The pearl pigment has extremely good dispersiveness, so generally it can sneak into the low viscosity printing-ink after being mixed slightly . Because the pigment is in layer structure , it can only be mixed slightly when mixing with printing ink . Avoid the strong mechanical treatment, otherwise the surface of the pearlescent pigment will be damaged.

The Application Proportion For Reference

Paint Application

Usage Proportion(%)
Automobile Surface Paint Refinished Paints
Bicycle Paints
Daily Electric Appliances Paints
Interior And Exterior Wall Paints
Toy Paints
Coating Powders <2

Ink Application


Cosmetic Application


Plastic Application

Plastic Bottles
Plastic Parts
Plastic Films
Latex And Rubber Products 5-15

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